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Economic Impact Payments are on the Way

Posted On: January 8, 2021 by Prevail Bank in: Banking, Savings

Economic Impact Payments, more commonly known as Stimulus Payments, have started to be issued to eligible individuals as of the last week in December. The stimulus payment amount for eligible individuals will be up to $600 for individuals, $1,200 for married couples, and up to $600 for each qualifying child. These individuals will receive a stimulus payment one of two ways, either by direct deposit or paper check, throughout the month of January. The IRS asks that people visit irs.gov for...

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Saving Makes Cents

Make your money work for you with our Savings Makes Cents Savings Program!

Posted On: July 15, 2020 by Prevail Bank in: Banking, Savings

Let Prevail Bank help you save money! With our Saving Makes Cents program, saving money is just as easy as spending money. This program automatically rounds up your purchase to the next whole dollar, and transfers the difference in change to your Prevail Bank savings account.

Prevail Bank personal checking account Prevail Bank personal savings account And a Prevail Bank personal debit card

Signing up is easy! To get started, simply visit one of our locations, fill out our...

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Teach Children to Save

Teach Children to Save May

Posted On: April 29, 2020 by Prevail Bank in: Community, Savings

Teach Children to Save May

Saving is a great habit and a powerful tool to develop at a young age. Saving helps teach discipline and goal setting which are important life-long habits.

Read along with Prevail Bank! We offer a read along of It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!, below with Ms. Stacy. Feel free to listen along and enjoy the tips and lessons this book has to offer!








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Tags: Sammy Rabbit, Saving Tips, Teach Children to Save

Your Money is Safe at Prevail Bank

Your Money is Safe at Prevail Bank

Posted On: March 31, 2020 by Prevail Bank in: Banking, Community, Savings

Your Money is Safe at Prevail Bank

As Prevail Bank has been your community bank since 1934, we have been through the ups and downs of the economy. We will continue to be your strong, safe, community bank now and in the future. We have been strengthened by historical economic changes, and will move forward in such a way that protect our customers, communities and staff.

In addition, Prevail Bank is insured by the Federal Deposit...

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High School Graduation

Financial Tips for Graduating High School Seniors

Posted On: May 8, 2019 by Prevail Bank in: Savings

High School graduation day is something you look forward to your entire adolescent life. Everything you think about is prefaced by, “When I get out of high school…” Yet, as a graduating senior are you really ready? Whether entering into the work force or moving off to a university or staying home for local college credits, the sooner you understand your finances, the better. Here are a few tips to ease your way into adulthood.

Balance Your Checkbook: This is easy to...
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Student Loan Debt Sets Record Doubling Since Recession

Student Loan Debt Sets Record Doubling Since Recession

Posted On: January 10, 2019 by Prevail Bank in: Savings

Student Loan Debt Sets Record Doubling Since Recession

The student debt level has doubled to more than $675 billion since the recession ended in June 2009.  Student loans distributed in 2012 have defaulted quicker than any loan group since the financial crunch.

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How to Help with Student Debt


▪Start saving early! Money from Birthdays, Odd Jobs, Etc can all earn interest and add up over time.


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Budgeting for Homebuying

Posted On: November 4, 2016 by Prevail Bank in: Home Loans, Savings

The Federal Reserve may have raised interest rates slightly, but mortgage rates are still near historic lows. It's still a great time to buy if you've been considering a new home! But how much house can you really afford? This is a difficult question, particularly for first-time homebuyers. Here are a few important points to consider when setting your house-hunting budget:

Start with your Income & Interest Rate
When setting your budget for a house, there are two primary...

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