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Getting the Most out of your Wi-Fi

Getting the Most out of your Wi-Fi

High-speed wireless internet is a priceless commodity to have, especially in a pandemic situation. We are seeing a steep rise in employees working from home, college students taking online courses and school children doing distance learning, all at the same time… all on the same internet connection.

Traditional Wi-Fi is not typically equipped for this unprecedented amount of usage. We gathered a few tips to help you get the most out of your internet connection:

  • The first step in ensuring you have proper Wi-Fi connection is by running a speed test. This will help in determining the strength of your connection. Try for free: Free Speed test
  • Sometimes, Wi-Fi isn’t the best method. By connecting your computer device directly into your router, you are going straight to the source of your internet. If you have an extra Ethernet cable around the house, this may be your best bet at an uninterrupted connection.
  • Location, location, location. To provide the best possible signal from your Wi-Fi router, move it to a centralized location in your home. Experts recommend that the device should be placed high up, to ensure that houses with two stories have even connection.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router is running on the most recent software. Old versions of software can provide slower or weaker connections. If your Wi-Fi router is old and not performing up to expectations, get in touch with your internet service provider to see what your options may be.
  • One other option is to look into creating a Wi-Fi hotspot using your cell phone’s data plan. Once enabled, you will be able to connect your laptop and other devices to your cell phone as an internet source. You may want to look into a larger high-speed data package for this option because it will count towards your monthly data usage.

In this pandemic situation, many cell phone and internet providers are offering free or discounted services in our communities. Browse the web for your provider to find offerings on faster speeds, greater connection, or even discounted rates. Reach out to your cell phone and internet providers today to see what they are offering.

To learn more about how you can get the most out of your Wi-Fi during this pandemic situation, read more at this High Speed Internet website!



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