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Teach Children to Save May

Teach Children to Save May

Saving is a great habit and a powerful tool to develop at a young age. Saving helps teach discipline and goal setting which are important life-long habits.

Read along with Prevail Bank! We offer a read along of It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!, below with Ms. Stacy. Feel free to listen along and enjoy the tips and lessons this book has to offer!








How can I teach my child/student about saving?

  • Use a piggy bank or spare jar to start collecting money towards what they are saving for.
  • Take them on a trip to your local bank or credit union to make a deposit.
    • Talk to them about why you put money in your account.
  • Use every day experiences, such as grocery shopping, traveling or paying bills to talk about money and saving.
  • Anytime is the right time to teach children about saving money.








Check out some of Sammy Rabbit’s activities and savings tips!

Saving Money Coloring Page Savings Worksheet Word Search Word Scramble









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