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ClickSWITCH® and CardSwap. Switching made easy.


Fast, secure and free way to switch direct deposits and automatic bill payments to Prevail Bank! No more waiting on employers or paper forms. We can take care of everything. Eliminate the hassle of having to contact each business and help ensure you don't miss a payment while you transition your account.

Start Switching

Switch your accounts in 3 quick steps.

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Enter your activation code.

Visit your local branch or call 800.205.0914 for your free code.

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Set up your user profile.

Enter your basic personal & bank account information.

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Begin switching to Prevail Bank!

Your automatic transactions will switch to your new account.


Start Switching

How to use ClickSWITCH:

  1. Visit your local branch, or call 800.205.0914, to get your free SwitchTRACK code.
  2. Access Prevail Bank's ClickSWITCH portal here to log in.
  3. Enter the SwitchTRACK code and choose a password.
  4. Select how you’d like to start the process:
    Choose Switch Assist (recommended) to see all of your direct deposits and automatic payments in one place.
    Choose Switch Myself to gather your direct deposit and automatic payment information manually.
  5. Click the "Create a Deposit" link and begin adding your direct deposit information.
  6. Then click the "Create a Switch" link to begin switching your automatic payment accounts


New card or checking account? No problem. Use CardSwap to update all your online vendors’ payment info.

Using numerous online and mobile services for shopping, subscribing, and streaming is common in this digital age. It’s great having so much at our fingertips, don’t get us wrong, but a new card or checking account means you must visit countless sites to update your payment info. This piecemeal approach is a time-consuming hassle. In this age of easy access to virtually everything, there should be a better way.

How does CardSwap work?

  • Enter your FI-issued card information.
  • Enter login credentials for your subscription services.
  • Add your new preferred payment information.
  • Wait only 24 hours for these updates to be made across services.

Start Switching


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