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Use Our Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Finances

Posted On: April 12, 2024 by Prevail Bank in: Banking

Financial Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ah, spring time. Tax-refund season – whoopee! (Well, hopefully it’s a tax-refund season for you.)

Regardless, this is the good time of year to reset, to recheck, that all the efficiencies, security enhancements, and money-saving opportunities for your accounts and finances have been established.

Efficiencies are the automations you will want to incorporate that could simplify your life, which in turn reduces stress, and in...

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Tags: finances, financial education, financial spring cleaning checklist

4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Posted On: March 11, 2024 by Prevail Bank in: Banking

How can I improve my credit score?

Your credit score is important because it reveals how dependable or risky you are as a borrower based on your history. The table below was borrowed from the Bajaj Finserv website. It summarizes what a credit score range signifies and the probability of a loan approval. In this blog we will provide you with 4 ways to improve your credit score.

Is your credit score affecting your life in a negative manner? Improve it. Here are some helpful tips...

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Tags: credit score, credit score tips, financial education, Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


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