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Digital Security

Young man on his phone

Banks Never Ask That. Your Text May be a Scam if...

Posted On: June 3, 2024 by Prevail Bank in: Digital Banking

Banks never ask that. Your text may be a scam if…

For many organizations, consumers are given a choice as to how they wish to receive communications. For many that would be texting.

Texting, from a consumer’s point of view, has its benefits; it’s:

Convenient; you can respond on your time. Efficient. Text messages are typically short and to the point.  Not tied to the internet, but they do rely on phone carrier networks. Messages are delivered...
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Tags: Banks Never Ask That, Digital Security, Scams, Text Scam

Upset woman talking on her phone.

Voice Scams - 14 Ways to Protect Yourself

Posted On: May 22, 2024 by Prevail Bank in: Digital Banking

Voice scams – 14 ways to protect yourself

Voice scams (live phone calls, texts, voicemail messages) are typically unsolicited messages that promise or threaten something “big”, and you have a very short time frame to either claim the prize or respond to the alleged problem.  According to a 2023 McAfee Global Scam Study, the most common scams are:

“You’ve won a prize!” – 72% Fake job notifications or offers – 64% Bank alert message–...
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Tags: Digital Security, fraud, Phone Scams, Scams, Voice Scams


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