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Archive - August 2021

Protect Yourself from Fake Checks

Protect Yourself from Fake Checks

Posted On: August 31, 2021 by Prevail Bank in: Banking


Spotting a fake or fraudulent check is difficult to identify due to advancements in technology, making it harder for consumers and banks to distinguish them from a valid check. Even if a check is fake it can still be cleared and take weeks for your bank to notice it’s a fake. Learning how to spot a fake check will protect you from falling victim to a scam, saving you time and money.

What are Types of a Fake Check? Overpayment for a product. Prize winners being...
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Tags: Community, fake checks, Security Tips

8 Tips Before Applying for a Mortgage

8 Tips Before Applying for a Mortgage

Posted On: August 2, 2021 by Prevail Bank in: Home Loans


A lot goes into applying for a mortgage and deciding whether it is the right time for you. From knowing your budget, researching home loan programs, getting ahead on your debt, increasing your savings, and becoming pre-approved. All are helpful in making the home buying process successful from start to finish.

Prevail Bank Mortgage Loan Originators Becky Brost, NMLS# 562333, and Lana Peterson, NMLS# 1236394, offer you helpful tips to help you make the best decisions...

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Tags: home loan, Mortgage Lender, Mortgage Tips


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