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Exciting Updates to Mobile Banking

Prevail Banking Mobile Banking App Updates
Experience the helpful upgrades to our Prevail Bank Mobile Banking app.

This new card manager platform on our app is an intuitive platform that helps your digital banking work for you. This next-generation platform replaced our Prevail Card Manager app. Providing you all the convenient features you’re used to while offering several beneficial financial management tools for free, now all in one location in the Prevail Bank Mobile Banking app, found by tapping “My Cards”!

You’ll enjoy all the same features you’re used to:

  • Transaction notifications.
  • Controls and alerts for location, merchant type, and spending limit preferences.
  • Turn your Prevail Bank debit card(s) on and off.

Upgraded New Features:

  • A Single place to obtain, use, and manage your Prevail Bank debit card(s).
  • Monitor current subscriptions linked to your Prevail Bank debit card(s).
  • New enriched transactions to see where your purchases are made.
  • Track spend by month, category, and more.
  • And more beneficial features!

Manage My Cards Video Tutorial



Download the Prevail Mobile Banking App!

Look for the Prevail Mobile Banking app icon in the stores below!


What do I need to do after the Mobile Banking app update?

Beginning Thursday morning, February 17th, our Prevail Card Manager app for Android and Apple devices will be unavailable. You will no longer need access to this app and may delete it from your mobile device.

When you access our Prevail Bank Mobile Banking app on or after February 17th 2022, the app may need a few moments to update. Next, tap "My Cards" within your app to see all the new features, enable alerts, and manage your existing controls.

Your Prevail Bank debit card(s) and personal settings will carry over from the Prevail Card Manager app to your Mobile Banking app.

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For any questions regarding the update, please call us at 800.205.0914 or chat with a live representative via the “Let’s Talk” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.



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